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Our History with Balance Bikes

My first experience with a balance bike was about 1. years ago when they were first making their way on to the market. 

My son, who was 2 at the time, was small for his age, but desperately wanted to be like his older brother who was 5 and already on a pedal bike. 

We discovered the Strider balance bike, the tiniest balance bike on the market.   We called the company and found a mom-and-pop shop in our town carrying the brand and ran down and bought it.   he was so delighted and rode it for the next many years – long after he mastered a pedal bike. 

The bike went everywhere with us!   To the store, swim lessons, from the car to wherever we were going. 


Simon by age 7 was very daring on my new tester bikes!

I would just carry it under my arm when it wasn’t allowed in a store.  It was glued to his side for several years. 

This was also the beginning of my love for balance bikes and I spent the next 6 years selling a variety of balance bike models of all sizes and brands both locally and online.    I loved it and my kids loved being my testers as new models surfaced, and as they grew into larger sized balance bikes.  It was a lot of fun to grab any bike out of the garage and go for a spin! 

Coming Back to the Life

Life took some twists and turns and I stepped away from the balance bike world for a few years while juggling growing young teens and taking care of aging parents. 

But it kept calling me back.  I would see a child riding one down the street and I’d all but run over to strike up a conversation with the parent about the new features, how cool they were, and chat about how happy their child was with their advanced skills. 

So here we are, so excited about the further advancement and commonality of balance bikes in everyday households.  It’s rare to find a young family who hasn’t seen one of these amazing bikes around on their neighborhood streets. 

We know that when buying your first balance bike, like anything, the options can be daunting.  From color, style, frame type and features you might get overwhelmed on what’s best for your child. 


Taking the Guess Work Out for YOU

Our goal is to give you the insight and information you need to make an informed choice in purchasing your child’s balance bike. 

Whether it’s from our Blog, our informational articles, testimonials, or a simple phone call to chat about what you are looking for, what you have budgeted,  we are here to make this all come together. 

We have helped 100’s of families buy their first and sometimes second balance bike and have learned a lot about matching the right bike to the right child and family. 

Our goal is not only to provide a wonderful experience in biking at a very early age, but to give your child the skills needed to seamlessly move to a pedal bike without scrapes, tears and fear. 

Lasting Memories

We hope that your experience with a balance bike is similar to our family.  Fun memories that will last a lifetime and then be carried on for generations to come.

Look around our site.  Call or email us any questions you have and we will promptly give you our best advice and experience.

A happy customer that leads to a happy child is always our top priority!

All the Best,


Stacey, owner

Balance Bikes For Kids (.com)

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