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Balance Bike for Kids


Our Story

Our History with Balance Bikes My first experience with a balance bike was about 1. years ago when they were first making their way on to the market.  My son, who was 2 at the time, was small for his age, but desperately wanted to be like his older brother who was 5 and already on a pedal bike.  We discovered the Strider balance bike, the tiniest balance bike on the market.   We called the company and found a mom-and-pop shop in our town carrying the brand and ran down and bought it.   he was so delighted and rode it for the next many years – long after he mastered a pedal bike.  The bike went everywhere with us!   To the store, swim lessons, from the car to wherever we were going.  Simon by age 7 was very daring on my new tester bikes! I would just carry it under my arm when it wasn’t allowed in a store.  It was glued to his side for several years.  This was also the beginning of my love for balance bikes and I spent the next 6 years selling a variety of balance bike models of all sizes and …

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